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Looney Productions, LLC has researched the music industry over the past 50 years to bring you the most, user-friendly entertainment software program available today.

MOAEC (Music Organizer And Entertainment Center) is used in 20 markets, 42 states and 9 countries. The product combines the key features of cable, satellite, cd players, cassette players, 8 track players, cd jukebox's, cd burners, radio stations, disc jockeys, and music software programs into one user-friendly entertainment center.

The technology, easily learned in 3-5 seconds, automatically organizes audio cd's and MP3 music files onto your computer hard drive for immediate play back and custom programming.

MOAEC is reducing cost, increasing productivity and sales for business' worldwide while enhancing atmosphere for the home and automobile owner.

The invention is copy written, trademarked and patented and is positioned to organize & playback a variety of digital media including movies, books, pictures, videos and more...


MOAEC® SOFTWARE is owned or licensed by MOAEC, Inc. and is protected by US and international copyright laws, Copyright ©1997-2009 by MOAEC, Inc as well as by other US and international intellectual property laws and treaties. All rights reserved. US Patents No's. 5,969,283, 6,232,539, 6,953,886 and 7,205,471 protect this SOFTWARE. Other patents pending. MOAEC®, MIGHTY MO™, MASTER MO™, MICRO MO™, MOBILE MO™, PC MO™, AUTO MO™, PLAS MO™, PRO MO™, MULTI MO™, MO KNOWS™, “Entertainment Automation for a Connected World™”, “Easy, Fast, All Media, All Screens™” and the MOAEC logo are trademarks of MOAEC, Inc.