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No more scrolling to find and play your favorite songs!

The MOAEC automatically organizes MP3 songs you currently own on your hard drive. The MOAEC also converts Audio CD's to MP3 songs then imports, organizes and stores them on your hard drive. After the automatic music import and organization process, the MOAEC MP3 Software allows you to:

  • Search and play your music selections in seconds.
  • Search, organize and play your songs by favorites, artist, title, year, category, style
  • Search, organize and play your songs by dance type, music speed or energy level
  • Create custom music categories quickly
  • Edit song information with a click
  • Mix songs together automatically to DJ a party!
  • Create and save favorite play lists
  • Burn custom audio cd's
  • Create relaxing or exciting moods with custom speed buttons
  • Test your friends on their understanding of music, while improving your own knowledge.
  • The possibilities are endless to your imagination...

From hardcore music lovers to ultimate computer critics, the MOAEC is easy to understand and simple to learn. Play your favorite music in seconds or become a music expert, the choice is yours. The MOAEC is music software that can last a lifetime...